Thursday, 14 February 2013

Why does every Golf shot vary

By Darius

As Golfers we are attempting to have the ball go the same direction and same distance every single time, but how come it does not work out that way?


Firstly, Our golf swing is a sum of everything we have learned. Whether we have practiced hard after golf lesson, or listened to a well-intended friend, or found golf tip in magazine or internet. Our performance will only be because of what we already know. 

Therefore, wherever we are lacking in tht knowledge creates "holes" in logic and muscle control. This is made up with unwanted moves, compensations, manipuations, reactionary moves.

To get a somewhat consistent ball-flight we have to beign with a consistent view on a correct golf swing and perform that motion approximtely 1000-10000 times to make it a habit. Without habit forming you are only "getting by" not "getting better".

You are only considering one move here remember avoiding small amount of practice and then trying something else, as this can be detrimental to this process.

Also, when practicing a Golf swing you should be able to execute this move without a golf ball being present. Because that is when you will execute what you ahve learned at the most absolutely correctly you possibly can, so as to avoid reacting to the ball-flight.

Secondly, pay attention to where this swing brushes the ground and remember where it is supposed to make contact with the ground, IN FRONT OF THE BALL! By this I mean that, you will often come across a golfer that claims to have a "perfect" practice swing. If you look closely at where the clubhead is while resting, and then notice again when the club brushes the grass you may notice a significant difference between these 2 spots on the ground. Often this is behind the ball and closer to the golfer. Imagine the golf shot that would eventuate from this. Immediately th golfer reacts to the poor contact and is at a loss as to what to do next.


Many times I will give a golf lesson and I will give a student somehing to work on that relates to their no.1 and no.2 priority in swing errors. This would obviously provide the best outcome in shortest amount of time. There may be another 10 or 20 items I may address over time but for now the no.1&2 priority can sort out ball-flight errors by 50-90%


Finally, timing of the golf swing can vary ball-flight. There only has to be a minute change to the sequencing of the golf swing for the ball-flight to change dramatically. Only by consistently attempting to do the same motion can you properly develop a habit and hone in the skills aquired to become more and more precise over time. AT this point I want you to remember that timing the ball with correct swing technique is kind of like throwing a dice. Sure, you would like  6 to come up every time you throw a dice, but sometimes you get numbers 1-5 as often as a 6 comes up.

Deal with differences in ball flight and stick to swing technique you are working on, get the time better and the precision of you contact will keep improving ONLY if you stick to one way to do it.


Good Luck and Good Golfing,


Darius Gear

on Aug 26 '13
Nice Ibne
on Mar 02 '15
You are going to have to spend some time to develop a pre shot riuotne that you can repeat every time you prepare to hit a shot. By having a consistent riuotne your shot making will become more consistent even with a bit of a lay off every now and then. The key is to repeat your riuotne the same way every time just like the pros do.
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