Saturday, 6 October 2012

3 Backswing Tips

By Darius

Think of the movement of the backswing as a coiling motion, just like a heavy rope being twisted. When the rope cannot coil any longer, the tension has built up and is ready to explode - the same as your body will when preparing for the downswing.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when working your backswing:

1) To know whether or not you are rotating your shoulders enough, keep in mind that your chin should be touching the left shoulder when you get to the top. If not then you need more rotation.

2) Also at the top of the backswing, your right leg should be in the exact same position as it was in when the swing started. The foot should not move and there should be no flex in the knee.

3) Keep your hands close to your belt buckle. Imagine that they are tied together to your buckle with a rubber band. As you are taking the club back, imagine that the hands are attached to your belt with this rubber band and do not lift your hands until your shoulders have completely turned away from the target.

on Oct 31 '12
Great advice :)
on Mar 04 '15
I note the question is right/left arm .For a right-hander its got to be right arm .why??The left arm don't relaly bend as much as the right arm throughout the swing.At the impact area1) Your left elbow is already straight so there's little power you can add to it2) Your right elbow is still bent and must be straighten to hit the ball. .